Wednesday, April 23, 2014

How to Radiate the Feminine Power Within

Being a woman, you desire to be noticed, that somehow somebody sees your beauty and femininity radiating.  You crave the charisma that you see with other women.  They are not so beautiful, but you can feel and sense they have that magnetic charm in them.  You see their men very loyal to them that they put them on a pedestal.  

You also desire that a man adore you, chase you, respect you, accept you who you are, appreciate you, and love you forever.  But time has passed, and no one man has ever bumped into you and done that.  Or maybe, you found some men in your life, but they pushed back during your relationship and eventually disappeared with no apparent reason.  Or you're husband is cheating on you for some woman not so smart and beautiful.  

Now, you feel less attractive.  You're getting confused and thought maybe, you're born to be single for life.  Or you thought that you don't deserve happiness with your relationship.  You accepted the fact that you're neglected and taken for granted by your partner or husband.  

However, deep inside of you, you're longing for a better life with someone who'll love you unconditionally, show you how beautiful you are no matter what, and appreciate you for anything you do.  You just don't know how to change your situation and shy or afraid to share it to others.  

I want to share with you something important that many women don't know.  This may change your perspective about what you have and who you are that will transform your life.  I want you to know that you're not bad, ugly, or anything why you stay single until now, why your man left you, or why you're being neglected by your partner or husband.  

It's just that maybe you haven't known yet who you really are and what you're capacity is as a woman. 

You may ask, so how and what can I do?  Here's how.

Know the truth 

As a woman, you are created by God specially.  It is to give light and beauty to dullness and insipidness.  You are supposed to be like a precious jewel shining and eye-catching that everyone who looks at you adores you and in awe of you.  You are made to inspire people with your beauty and to give color to this world.

Naturally we, women, have this feminine power that makes us glow and simply irresistible.  We radiate the natural beauty in us by tapping into our natural being, the feminine power.  That feminine power is about being, feeling, receiving, and responding.  Maybe, for many years, you were taught that by doing more and giving more, you would get the love you deserve from men.  You believe in the saying it's better to give than to receive.  But you realized that the more you're doing and giving, the more you're taking nothing.  Instead, you are left unappreciated and unloved by the man you love.  
It's time now to break that thinking and habit of doing and giving more.  Start build again that dignity and self-respect you once had.  As a woman, you deserve all the best love, appreciation, and care.

Accept the truth 

Believing here is key.  You can't accept that a thing is yours if you don't believe it is.  I'd like to illustrate it to you just like you are receiving a valuable gift.  Sometimes, when we say valuable gift, we are hesitant to take it and thought I don't deserve such a precious thing like that.  Maybe, you are now stuck in your situation because of how you think about yourself.  I want you to open your mind and not let your limiting belief block all the good things to flow through you.  

On the acceptance, all you have to do is let the truth (that you have that feminine power that makes you magnificent, beautiful, charismatic, etc.) sink in.  It's just like breathing in and breathing out until you're convinced that you are.  The next thing you know, that power flows through you naturally and effortlessly on the outside.

Live by the truth

As I said, feminine power is about being, feeling, receiving, and responding.  When I say being, all you have to do is build yourself up.  Although we are a weaker being than men, we are not worthless and dependent on them.  We can be on our own and be happy even without men in our lives.  Isn't that good news?  

You have to know that you don't need men in your life, but men need you.  You just need to be confident, to love and respect yourself first.  By that, you are giving value to yourself.  Men will follow you when they sense that you are confident and value yourself more than anything, which are what they look for in women.

Feeling is when you are honest to yourself about how you feel with your situation.  If you're feeling sad, tell the person that you feel sad.  If you're happy, tell and show it, too.  You have to know what's going on inside of you on the emotional side and speak it in a nonjudgmental or nagging way.  

Like for instance, you feel unappreciated by your man.  What you need to do is tell him that you feel there's something wrong and that you feel unhappy.  Don't blame him for how you feel or anything that's going on with your situation, so you don't come as nagging and needy of his attention.  Just relax and let it go. 

Men are men.  They are about doing, giving, and moving forward because that's their nature.  As a woman, don't do what you're not supposed to do and give all the doing to men.  When you work on your being and feeling, receiving isn't hard.  Men are just looking for opportunities to give you more and more, including love, appreciation, care, and all.  Just be open this time,  receive the love that he gives you, and respond by giving back your love and respect to him.  Feeling unloved, unappreciated, and less attractive has no place in your this time, even stress.

Maybe, you're stuck in a bad situation right now or confused with your life.  That's because you've been the one doing, giving, and moving forward with your relationship instead of being, feeling, and receiving.  It's time now to tap into your natural being, your femininity, and beauty will radiate through you.  

When you know how to tap the feminine power within you, you can attract the best love you desire.  Just relax and have an open heart and mind.  I believe amazing things will happen into your life and continuously.  Radiate the feminine power and beauty within you, and great results in your life will follow. 

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