Friday, June 20, 2014

Face your Fear

I will not ask you if you have fears because I know you have.  All of us have.  What I want to ask you is what would you try if you had no fear?  Have you ever asked yourself that question?  

Fears may vary from person to person, but we all have them.  Do you know a person who isn't afraid of something?  Maybe, there's no one.  I know even the most powerful person here on earth is still afraid of something, but for sure he knows how to face it.  

All of us have fears, and that's human nature.  When we were infants, our most dominant emotion was fear.  So, it's just like fear has been there since our birth.  It's there inside of us, maybe engraved in our spirit, which is not easy to take away.  

The challenge here is how did some people face and conquer fear?  Can you also change your situation upside down by facing fear, breaking through it, and moving your life to the next level?  I'm here to tell you, yes, you can.

What you should know about fear

According to The Free Dictionary, FEAR is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.  Notice that fear begins with a belief, so it might be that a circumstance hasn't happened yet, but you've heard of it.  Or it has happened sometime in the past that caused you to be afraid and not go back to that feeling or situation because it was fearful, painful, and shameful. Although it's not happening in your current situation, the sound, the smell, the feel, and the thought of it scare and flinch you.

Fear is one of the stumbling blocks to reaching success.  We may or may not be aware of the fears we have, but they're there.  You maybe have tons of fears you don't know, and that's the reason you haven't yet discovered your passion and reached success.  

Probably, sometime in your life, you look around and look at the people your age, and some younger than you are, and see them living their passion and dreams.  However, here you are, just sitting around the corner contemplating and wondering about the future, about how it is to reach your dreams.  

You were enthusiastic about reaching your dreams and compelling ambitions when you were a kid, but now, it seems like they're just up in the air.  There's just like a magnetic force pulling you not to fulfill your dreams.  You might feel like you're left behind and have missed life.  And you're asking, why?  My answer is it's because of fear.

I want you to know that you are not late to start reaching your dreams.  I know it's not a coincidence that you're reading this post now.  You might have been looking for answers to questions and wanting to move your life around, but you can't.  I believe you are at the right place at the right time now reading this.  I know you can still catch up.  You may be stuck where you are now because of fear.  
When I was a kid, during my grade school years, I was full of fear.  I don't know where I got it from or inherited it, but it was huge.  It was not a good emotion to keep.  I was afraid of being embarrassed.  That's why I just stayed in the nook not to be noticed.  I was afraid of the crowd, my teachers, classmates, and strangers.  In our class, even if I knew the answer, I was afraid of raising my hand because I was afraid of being heard and criticized.  

I was more afraid of saying something in front of the class.  When it was mandatory for us, students, to do that and I had no choice but to follow, I suddenly felt like I was struck by lightning that I felt weak and feverish.  My knees were shaking and eventually my whole body was.  Really embarrassing, isn't it?  Maybe, you can relate to that or my case was just extreme.   

Anyhow, looking back to those days, a realization hit me.  What if I wasn't fearful early on with my life?  Probably, I could have achieved more and improved myself better at an earliest age.  How about you?  You could be in the same scenario as I am.  

I can't say I have completely conquered fear as we speak.  Gradually, I'm in the process of eliminating bad and developing good things in my life, including fear.  Although I have conquered fear a bit much, it hasn't been a sudden change.  

Life is a process, and it takes time to change.  I believe the same thing goes with you.  You can face and conquer fear, just believe you can. 

One fear most people have

When we talk about fears, there are a lot of them.  We can't cover every one of them in here, not even a single book, but I'll talk you through one most important fear that should be discussed about, the fear of failure.  

Why important?  When you have this fear of failure, you'll get paralyzed, unable to move and act.  You will fail to try and do things that you are most passionate about that will bring you to the next level of life.  

Those things that you missed could have been opportunities in life, health, finances, career, and relationship.  They could have been open doors for you to learn new skills, develop your talents, take you places, and so on.  
I know someone who's really negative.  She sees the past, present, and most especially future as negative.  She has fear of failure.  She's afraid of trying new things because she doesn't want to fail.  I would call it playing safe.  She only does things she knows and is familiar because she is safe there and  knows she can't fail.  

She is building her own comfort zone.  I can see she has better talents than anyone, but those talents are of no use since she doesn't want the world to know what she has.  She could be an inspiration to others and could contribute some good legacy to the world by sharing her talents, but they're just hidden in herself.  

Talents not used eventually fade away.

I also know another person afraid of failure and likes to stay in her comfort zone.  She has some opportunity to pursue her education or learn to master her passion, but she doesn't try and do.  She's just saying maybe she can't make it since she's older and it's just a waste of her time when she can find some job (just menial work).  

She has some opportunity to go into business, but she's afraid of investing.  All she says is maybe it will fail and her money won't grow.  All I can hear are hearsay and negative words from her mouth.

Are you afraid of failure?  I can hear you saying no.  But before saying that right away, I want you to seriously check if you have this fear so that we can deal with it and you can experience breakthrough in life, a life that is victorious and fulfilling, which you deserve.   Better awareness will help you see if you need to load and unload some things in your life. 

Are you in your comfort zone?

Now, I want you to check if your progress in life, health, career, finances, relationship, is going very slow, stuck, or going backward.  Are they?  If yes, you're in your comfort zone now.  

Perhaps, it has been a long time that you haven't tried doing new things because you're just there and comfortable with your little world.  That's why your life has no progress.  Staying in your comfort zone feels you good since you are secure and in control of your situation.  But in the long term of being stuck in there, I'm sure you'll feel bored, dissatisfied, discontented, and unfulfilled, and confused.  

What makes you stay in that zone of your life is that you are afraid of failure.

As creative beings, we have this deep desire searching for more, more happiness, more love, more knowledge, more money, more life, better health, and so on.  It's because that's the way we, our lives, are created by God, lives that grow.  

Life itself should be growing.  If you're not growing and changing for the better, it means you're not living.  If your life isn't growing, you aren't actually living the real life.  

Did you get confused with what I said?  I am hearing you asking, is there some kind of real and not real life?  Yes, there is.  Being in a comfort zone is not where God wants us to be.  He wants us to have a life that is abundant, growing, and getting better every time.  And that is true life.  

You need to look for it, find it, and experience it without any fear.  You may experience bumps and failures on the way, but don't be stuck there and build a comfort zone.  Go out of there and explore yourself and the world around you.  There's a better life ahead of you and out there.  Fear not!

The antidote to fear

In 2 Timothy 1:7, it says For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.  This is the truth.  The solution to fear is LOVE.  Fear is not from God.  What God has given us are power, love, and a sound mind.  They are only good and positive things. 

Have you noticed that when you're in love with someone, you will do and give everything to that person without fear and hesitation?  It's because deep pleasure is rising inside of you when you do so.  

Nothing can hinder you when you're in love.  You will not mind the effort, time, and money you invested to that person.  What you mind most is the fulfillment, satisfaction, and pleasure it gives to your heart.  

It is the same thing with reaching your goals and dreams.  When you love what you do, meaning there's passion in it, no one and nothing will stop you from doing and reaching your goal.  Your passion is what drives you to not fear and to take action.  Although it seems impossible for others, but for you, there's no such thing and word as fear.  You'll not feel the fear, the stress, the effort, and the struggle on your way up.

You may say, I can't relate to that since I don't feel love. It's not in the air.  I haven't been in love and never felt being loved in my entire life.  I want you to know that it's not an excuse.  

God created us and gave us the spirit of love.  That spirit of love is within us, in our hearts.  You just need to tap it, so you can experience love flowing in your heart and life.  Love starts from within you, not from the outside.  Work it out from the inside out.  

In the presence of love, there's an absence of fear.  Who knows after practicing this you may find the love of your life.  When love inside of you shows on the outside, you can't help, but receive love in return.

Fill your heart with love

Since the antidote to fears, including fear of failure, is love, I'll explain to you how to fill your heart with love.  You don't need any experience of love from the opposite sex for you to give love and feel loved.  As I told you, you already have love placed by God in your heart.  All you have to do is to let it come out so that it will manifest in your life and you can show it on the outside.  

First is to believe you are loved by God and be thankful for that.  You may do this by closing your eyes or even with eyes wide open, but your highest positive energy operating.  See in your mind all the good memories that happened in your life and great places you've been to.  Only the good ones.  See them as God's expressions of his love for you.  

Feel that good feeling inside your heart and flow through you until it overflows.  Then, you will feel a great relief.  Do it every time until your mind and heart are full of God's love.  With your heart overflowing, it will surely come out and manifest on the outside through your words and actions.  

If practiced often, you'll notice a difference in your thoughts, attitude, words, and actions.   Gradually, fear will subside and be gone.  Instead, power and love will overtake fear.

That's what happened to me.  I received and felt the love of God in my life every minute of every day, and my life drastically changed.  Love overflows and fear isn't in control of me anymore.  I also want you to experience living life without fear of failure.  You can only do this if your heart is full of love, God's love.

It's time to take action

Once you're filled with love, your intuition is improved and your attitude and character is developed.  This time, you'll see opportunities right at your nose that you haven't seen before.  You will see amazing things start happening in your life.  

It's just like you're attracting opportunities now, but actually not.  Opportunities were actually there all along.  It's just you who changed, so your consciousness developed and improved.  You're more aware this time, that's why you are seeing things you haven't seen before.  

When there are open doors of opportunities, you will sense that's it that you wanted all along.  This time, do whatever your intuition is telling you to do without thinking of failure.  You just have to follow what your heart is telling you.  

Remember, for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.   Just go with the flow, and reaching your passion and goal isn't out of reach.  It's just right there near you.  

Whatever you do, do it with love, passion, and enthusiasm.  Then, there will be no fear and stress involved since opportunities and blessings you've wanted will be chasing you, not you chasing them.  All you need to do is receive, respond, and act on it effortlessly.

I hope you find this article helpful.  I look forward to talking with you and seeing you soon.

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