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How to Prosper Your Business Effortlessly

You may be a businessman, and your business is struggling, not going to the way you want it to go.  There's a lot of pressure and stress going on just to maintain your business.  

Or you are a person who doesn't have a business yet, but you're into it and have always dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur.  You know you have this entrepreneur mind in you, but you don't know where and what to start.   

As much as possible, I want to help you learn something here and not just get information, but also help you change the way you think about business.  We can't deny the fact that there are extremes in business.  You can see a lot of businessmen struggling to maintain and move their business to the next level while just a few, very few, are doing it effortlessly, and with a lot of revenues coming in.  Let's find out here why business succeeds.  

First, I want to share with you my experience as an entrepreneur.  

When the entrepreneur in me evolved

Since I was very young, I've been asking myself what the heck those tycoons did that they were able to climb up the highest of the ladder and prosper their business?  I knew it was not easy for them, especially when starting, but eventually, they were able to do it with less effort.  

As curious as I am, I researched on some of them, especially those who started from scratch, to find out what their common denominators are.  What makes them distinct from the rest are their characters and mindset.  I've asked myself, can I also do it, even just a tiny bit of what they achieved? 

However, when I was studying, it didn't come across my mind that I would be doing business down the road.  It was out of my wildest imagination.  All I knew is that I was in awe and very much appreciated seeing businessmen and businesswomen bringing their business that far.  I even know some of them personally.  

Years passed, and I don't know what happened.  You may call it fate or whatever, but I got into business after getting married since my husband had the interest in it.  

We started very small with just enough capital to run a small traditional business.  We were able to expand and grow it in its highest season.  Now, we have been running it for 11 years and counting.  

Glory to God that we have come this far.  I know it's not because of how good we are at running it, but because God is behind it.   

When there's success, there's also failure

The journey has not been easy though.  There have been fruitful years, but there have been much more struggles, confusion, and challenges here and  there.  When you are engaged in business too, I know you can relate to me, especially if you are starting.  On the other hand, I'm not trying to discourage those who are interested in starting their own business.  Actually, it's fun.  

Although it's fun, it's a big challenge.  You have to make yourself ready for everything that comes with it, success, failure, and success.  When you have that entrepreneur mind in you, you shouldn't be afraid of failure.  Failure is not negative.  It's actually part of success, not the opposite of it as what others say.  You can't be successful without failing.  

My best example are infants trying to learn how to walk.  Most of the time, they fall and knock down.  Then, they cry since they feel the pain, but in an instant, they forget the hurt.  So, they get back up and try to walk until they master it.  Later, they already know how to run that no one and nothing can stop them.  

Failure will eventually leave you when you stop quitting. 

Enough of my story, and let's get back to the topic.  

I can't say I'm a big fish in this industry nor an expert in it.  Actually, I'm also learning.   But with some experiences and research, I can give you insights.  

As I said earlier, what makes businessmen great are their characters and mindset.  So what are those?  

Before going to that, I want you to open your mind and heart so you will understand what I'm saying here in a much deeper way that it will change your way of thinking.  

First, I want you to think that when I said effortless, it doesn't mean you don't do anything.  It means you do it initially, but you relax and know that God is the one taking care of the rest and that you just do what you can and don't do what you can't.  

In that context, there's no stress, and peace will come through you. 

Think of your business as a garden

If you want to start a business, try to imagine it as a garden and you are a gardener.  What would you like it to be?  What flowers and plants you want to see grow in it?  Do you want to spend much to pay for the seeds?  

Now, if you are someone who already has a business, try to see what you have done with it.  Have you maintained it, watered it, and weeded it out?  Are your plants producing flowers that when you glance at them, you feel it's worth the effort of planting them in the first place or they dry up wanting your attention and care? 

I believe everything in us, in this world, correlates.  That's why there are things we see around us, like a garden, to teach us something about life. 

Before you start planting, you think about what to plant in your garden.  Do you want to see vegetables that in an instant, like a few days after you plant them, you can harvest and eat them?  Do you want to see flowering plants that in just a short period of time they produce flowers that you can enjoy glancing at and enjoy the scent they emit?  Or trees that take time, even years, to grow and bear fruits, but when they do, you enjoy the fruits and eat them and even take a shed on the long, strong, and wide trunk?  

It's your pick what and where to invest your money, whether it is a short-term, long-term, or lifetime investment. 

When planting your seed

After deciding what to plant, you get the seed, the ground, and the tools ready for use.  Then, you do the planting not worrying what will happen next like, is it going to grow?  Worrying will not help you and will only make it worse.  All you need to have is faith after you planted that God is the one who will make it grow and give sunshine and rain to it, not you.  With that mindset, you can feel it's so stress-free.  

All you have to do is to start your business, admit that you are not the one solely behind it and be positive and expectant that it will give you revenues in time, in its season. 

It needs to be maintained 

From time to time, you maintain it, water it and weed it out if necessary.  You take care of your business and check on it daily, especially if starting.  You get to know and master the nature of your business.  

Also, part of maintaining is updating and innovating, which is a business ally.  They go hand-in-hand.  You can't have a business without innovating.  Without that, your business will not survive and later on die.  You can't blame God or anyone for that, but you.  

You may even do some changes when necessary.  Play with it without fear.  Sooner or later, you're enjoying what you're doing, and unknowingly, your business is getting healthy, growing, and almost getting to bloom. 

The harvest time

Now, we go to the most exciting part, the harvest time.  After some waiting, you see plants in your garden producing flowers and trees bearing fruits.  You feel like leaping and shouting, and joy flows within you.  There's unspeakable feeling once you get profits from your business.  

That is the core of it because we know that without profit, there's no business.  This time, you're so excited and overwhelmed with the pleasure it gives you.  You have a lot of things in mind you want to use the money for.  You're desiring of getting toys, new gadgets, go and travel places, etc.  

I want to tell you that you are on the wrong track.  Get back to your senses. :D 

This is the most crucial part in business.  Some are splurging their money right away that they lose track.  That's why it's very important to build a strong character and discipline.  Before you started your business, you already knew what to do with your money, meaning you already organized and allocated your coming profit.  When your profit comes, bear in mind your priorities set.  

I suggest that you give your tithes first and give to the needy, which is important.  It may not make sense to you, but it's for your benefit.  I'll touch that topic later on with my other article.   

There's a law of circulation.  You may not know it or aware of it, but that is true.  It's working in our universe.  

Giving is also a way to show that you are grateful with what you have.  Remember you are not just the one who makes your business grow, but also God and other people surrounding you.  

Also, don't forget to pay yourself.  This may be the birth of another business.

When you see your business as a garden and yourself just a gardener, the effort to prosper and grow your business is out of context.  It's so effortless.  Rather joy, trust, and peace transcend all the negative in it.  Let go and let God.

For anything that I can be of help to you, email me. Also, you may check books by Joseph Prince as he inspires me and has transformed my life with this teachings.

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