Thursday, May 29, 2014

7 Ways to become Wealthy

Looking at your financial status right now, you think that becoming wealthy is impossible.  Money is eluding you.  It's just like there's some powerful force you don't know that's doing and blocking money to come your way, which is out of your control.  Money comes so hard, but easily goes out of your hand.  It vanishes in an instant and just like there's someone stealing it.  

You're asking why and what's happening.  You're wondering if there's something wrong with you or you've been bad in the past that God is punishing you this way.  

Maybe, you hit rock-bottom with overwhelming debt you're facing now and feel there's no way out.  Becoming wealthy is not even in your dreams.  It's becoming painful to bear, and you're like panicking every time a need arises.

As human beings, the highest part of God’s creation, do you know that we have the power to shape our own lives, including money matters?  It's not true what most people believe that wealthy are born with a silver spoon in their mouth or it's their destiny and they are just lucky in life that they're able to beat the odds.  

It's not true either that wealth comes from taking chances and winning by playing the lottery.  Great amount of money doesn't come from working with all your might without taking a day's rest.  

Saying that, you have the chance to change your finances, transform your life, and become wealthy down the road even with your struggling financial situation right now.
I have here 7 steps on how to go to that road of becoming wealthy. 

1.  Remove limiting beliefs  

If you are in a situation like I mentioned above, I know it's not easy.  You may be in confusion and feel overwhelmed right now.  But, I tell you there's a way out.  Open your mind and widen your awareness.  I want you to check on your belief.  

What have you been believing for about life, finances, and being wealthy?  Is it like what I mentioned above?  If yes, what we need to do is break that thought pattern.  

You have to be conscious of what you're thinking.  This is hard, but you'll progress later on through practice.  Here's what you need to do.

When that same thought pattern enters your mind, refuse to accept it by blocking it and thinking another picture in your mind, a picture that you think is more beneficial for you.  

Our mind is just like a TV screen.  It will flash whatever movie it wants flashed.  If you accept whatever it is saying without filtering it, you will accept it as a reality.  You have the remote control.  Change the channel when you think it's not helpful and look for movies that will lift your spirit up.  Learn the truth and accept only the truth.   

Everything in this life is temporal and changeable.  Your reality is temporal.  Truth is eternal.  You may ask what's this truth?  Truth is that we're all created by God perfectly.  The abundance of resource is within you.  

If you want to experience abundance in your life, be conscious first of the abundance inside you.  What is inside you will become a reality on the outside.  You will then know that there's no lack and poverty.   All you need to do is not be conscious of the lack outside you because the kingdom of God is within you.  

Now, do you still want to accept your reality or the truth?  If you live by the truth, your mindset will change.  Your limiting belief will break.  That's the way out from having a lack in life.  However, it will depend on you, on your willingness, to change that mindset.  

You may be asking what relevance is believing to becoming wealthy?  Okay, I first talked about your core belief since this is the very beginning of everything.  

Belief is the very factor that will lead us into action.  If you believe that life is hard because that's what you've been thinking and seeing in your life, that's what you will always say and that's what will happen eventually.  

Right believing is powerful.  It feeds input and energy into your mind and soul.  If you have right believing, what comes into your mind is right, so what you act and say are right.  

There's power in believing, power in your mind, and power in your words.  All of these powers are available within us.  All we need to do is know these and the benefit they have for us.  

In John 1:1, it says In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  See, it all started in word.  Everything was created by word.  If you have this kind of mindset, becoming wealthy is now within your reach.  

Maybe, the result of your life right now is because of what you've been saying about it over and over.  That's why it's very important to watch everything that comes into your mind and out of your mouth or else you regret.
2.  Perceive money as just a piece of paper  

Now, it's time for me to ask, what does money mean to you?  Is it of most value to you that you put it as a top priority in life over your family, spouse, and children?  Do you work long hours just to get extra money?  Or do you do whatever it takes, even if you know it's negative, just to get money without seeing the consequences behind it? 

Steve Pavlina said on one of his blogs think that money is just a piece of paper, which I think is very liberating.  You can't trade your valuable time with your family or your health for just a piece of paper.  

Yes, it has value, but it has no power.  The one who has power is you.  You have the power to create money, not a slave to it.  Control money for your advantage, not for your destruction.  

Think that money is just sitting at some place hiding and waiting for your attention to control it.  Maybe, if money talks, it's saying excitedly and willingly hey, look at me.  I'm worthless without you.  I need you to manage me and make more of me.  Then, I'll give you more in return, more than you can think of or imagine.  

Money is just waiting for us.  We are the creative and thinking being, not money.  We have the power to manifest it how much we like, so take advantage and control of it.

Money and the ability to get it are a gift from God.  When we say gift, it's precious and something to be valued and taken care of.  We are just stewards of it.  

With that mindset, we'll realize that we are not the owner of money, so there's no attachment to it.  You will come not needy and clingy to it.  Greediness has no place in your life.  

Always think that you don't need money, but money needs you.  When it comes, you are a good steward of it.  It is just a tool for you to enjoy and discover life more and better and share it to others who need help.

3.  Set clear and defined goals

There is power in setting goals, much more if they're clear.  

Like for instance, you came across in your life when you set a goal.  You said to yourself, before the end of this year, I will have a flat-screen TV in my living room.  Then before you knew it, you got it.  Soon, you'll see it manifests.  

That's the power of it, especially backed with desire and passion.   

Before moving forward, I want you to start setting goals.  If you haven't tried this already, this is the right time.  

Get a pen and paper and write down your goals.  What do you want to accomplish before the end of this year?  In the next three years, five years, and even ten years?  What would you like to become when you retire?  Doing this, it will give you more drive to take action. 

It's even better if you look at your goals every day.  Better if you can visualize it.  If you want to go places, you print something that says like it.  It would be pictures of places you want to go.  If they're gadgets, house and lot, car, and other things, print them or cut them out from magazines.  If your goal is to have best relationships and family, print images and cut them out also from magazines or online.  

Collect them.  Then, make a vision board, paste those cut pictures there, and place the board where you can see it easily and every day.  

In my case, I have this in our room by my wardrobe, so when I get clothes, I can always see it.  It's actually inspiring, especially if little by little, what you have put there is manifesting.  You will not even notice that you're actually becoming wealthy.

4.  Enjoy what you do for a living

Whatever you do for a living, whether it's work or business, make sure it's the one you love to do.  There's no more fulfilling than doing what you enjoy doing.  

Money is not your reason why you're in that field.  If money alone is your reason and you don't love the work you do, you'll notice you're not happy.  You'll be stressed and exhausted later on.  It will not help you in any way to become a better person.  

When you are in a position where you feel you're not enjoying your work, you better find the one that you love to do.  You have to search deep down inside of you what really it is that you desire.  

If happiness is your top reason over money why you work, you will see the difference.  Everything flows.  Problems and challenges at work may arise, but they just come easy for you to solve.  You see them not as a problem, but as a challenge for you to move to the next level in your life and have a better character and awareness.  

You will feel that drive inside of you, and that's because you love what you're doing.  Love conquers all, and becoming wealthy will just follow. 

5.  Be thankful 

Make sure you don't complain even if you think your money is not enough.  Having a grateful heart is one of the antidotes of feeling discontent.  

Whenever you get money let's say from your paycheck, profit, passive income, etc, it's important to give thanks first.  Literally, give thanks to God that you're able to manifest money.

Next, you can allocate the 10% of it for your tithes.  Then, pay yourself, like 10% too (which you can change later, maybe higher) that will serve as your savings.  You should also allocate your budget (better if you have an envelope system), for bills, personal expenses, amortization, charities, etc depending on your need.  

Every time you receive money, make it a habit to put your allocated money in the corresponding envelopes.  Never say it's not enough.  Cut costs if necessary, but don't overdo it, just enough that you don't overspend.

The key here is persistence.  Tithing and saving are two powerful acts.  I tell you this will be the start of your sweet journey to freedom financially and become wealthy.  Be positive and inspired in doing whatever you are doing.  

When you start doing this, you'll be unstoppable since it will become a lifestyle.  When you do, the next thing you know, your money is growing.  It's like magical.  It's just like there's some force helping you collect money so it will come to you easily.  You'll be addicted to doing this because definitely, you will see results.  Also, you will see that there's no effort, struggle, or worry involved.

6. Practice delayed gratification

According to wiki, delayed gratification is the ability to resist the temptation for an immediate reward and wait for a later reward. Generally, delayed gratification is associated with resisting a smaller but more immediate reward in order to receive a larger or more enduring reward later.  

For instance, you already have a sufficient amount of savings in the bank.  It can already pay for something you've been craving for.  You've been thinking of having it day after day and night after night.  It's just like it's haunting you over and over telling you to buy it.  You're almost tempted to succumb to it, buy it, and spend all that you have.  However, once you spend your hard saved money, you'll lose every penny in it.  

Now, wait.  Remember this, don't yield to your desires yet when it's not time.  Wait for the perfect timing when you can.  Don't mind about the thing.  It's just there waiting for you.  Sooner, you'll have it.  

I would suggest that once you put your money in your savings account, make it a point not to be tempted of spending it.  Don't make it visible in your eyes, and better if you don't consider it as your own.  

You can open another account for toys, gadgets, and travels not from your savings so that you can better budget your money.  

Don't waste all the effort that you have started on increasing your wealth.  Just keep on saving, saving, and saving.  Then, you'll see it's worth the wait and the effort.

7. Think of investing
Another way to becoming wealthy is by investing.  This may be new for you, and the word investing scares you off.  You haven't done investing yet in your entire life.  

You may say well I'm not having a business now, but I'm doing fine.  I can afford anything I want and has a house and lot, car, and things I want in life.  I don't need to do business.  I'm already wealthy.   

Yes, maybe you're in a position of being wealthy, but is it enough in the long run?  Would you be enjoying your retirement?  Are you helping and touching other people's lives?  Maybe, what you have now is just enough for you to enjoy.  

What makes life meaningful is when you share it with others and see their lives change also.  I don't know with you, but all I know is that investing your money in a traditional business, network marketing, stock market, mutual fund, etc is a great way to reaching to becoming wealthy and enjoying financial freedom.  

Don't let fear stuck you where you are now.  Think outside the box and experience freedom, and wealth will eventually follow.  

You may also want to check my other article How to prosper your business effortlesslyI also personally recommend you read this great books as they help me open my mind and eyes to greater things in life, Think and Grow Rich and  Awaken the Giant Within.    

I hope sharing this gives you insights.  All I want is for you to see that there's more in this life, life full of abundance.  Don't be afraid of the unknown, of the future.  

You have some potential deep down inside of you.  All you have to do is tap it and above all connect to the source, to God.  He will give you whatever you desire in heart. 

If you have the urge to ask questions for help, you can email me and let's talk.

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