Tuesday, June 24, 2014

How to Find Your Life Purpose

Have you ever tried asking yourself what your life purpose is?  This is a very simple and common question, but very hard to answer (unless you've discovered yours a long time ago).  When you are new to this, it's okay.  The news is that you are not alone.  It's the hardest question to answer though because it needs deep searching from within you.  But don't let the days pass without you finding out what your life purpose is.  You could be missing the real fulfillment of life if you don't. 
There are a lot of sources that can help you find it.  One of them is through reading books.  I'm not saying you can find the direct answer from them, but they can be ways to help you.  Many books out there are effective and life-changing.  It only depends on you what to follow based on your liking.  

As much as possible, I want to tell you here the simplest and clearest ways to help you find your life purpose.  But before we go to that, let's find out why there's a need to find it.

The importance of finding your life purpose

The moment we were in our mother's womb, God already had a plan for us.  It says in Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord, a plan to prosper you and not to harm you, a plan to give you a hope and a future.  

The thing is it's our part to find what the detail is.  If only God had told us or our parents right away what our life purpose was, life would have been easy and smooth.  But it doesn't work that way.  We have a part to do, and that is to search for it.  

It is very crucial to find your life purpose.  Why?  Because if you know it, you will live a life that is directed and planned.  There will be less wasted time as you will not be in the dark groping, not knowing where to go and what to do.  

Before moving on, I want you to first remove all the negative thoughts you have about life, about your current situation whatever it is.  I want your mind emptied with all your negative experiences and start focus on the positive side that this will bring you.  

Where do you excel?

One way of finding your life purpose is to know where you excel at.  If you are already successful with what you do (and you love doing it), good for you.  You deserve an applause.  That means you are mindful of your life and are already near finding your life purpose.  

For you who aren't there yet, ask yourself now what it is.  When you were young (let's say during your grade school), what was it that you really loved doing and excelled?  It would be in arts, writing, singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, public speaking, helping others, etc.  I want you to go back to that time and reminisce.  

This is not hard.  Just let your mind relax.  Now, start imagining the memories you had when you were little.  Ask yourself this question, what am I good at?  Flashes are there, and your mind provides you the answer.  It's time to grasp those pieces of images coming into your mind and take whatever you see fit.  It is like you are looking for a missing piece of the puzzle in your life.

Realizations might come, and it's okay.

After going back to your past, you might feel a tinge of regret.  Just let it pass.  Past is past, and you can't go back there to repair whatever damage it caused you.  It is not the end of life yet.  Meaning you can redeem the time by doing what your heart tells you to do now.

The reason you are probably stuck in your life is because you haven't been doing what you are really good at.  It may be a big shift and challenge for you if you go do it, but it's better to do it now than never and continue to live a life discontented and dissatisfied.  

There might be a lot that has happened in your life for the past long years, and looking for life purpose hasn't been in your mind.  Your head is probably occupied with a lot of things you need to face at the present, and you think that finding your life purpose is a waste of time.  

I want you to stop thinking that way and start focus on developing that talent or skill that flashed in your mind instead.  That is the treasure you have.  Once developed, it will bring you fulfillment in life. 

Know your passion

There's nothing more fulfilling in life than living your life purpose.  Another way to discover it is by knowing your passion.  

Imagine anything that you are really interested in.  Whenever you see and hear something like it on TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, the internet, books, etc, it makes you cry.  Tears well up in your eyes, and you can't control them.  You don't understand why you feel that way.  There is an intense reaction and desire from within you.  It's just like the message of it compels you to do the same thing.  It really stirs you up emotionally.

That is your passion. 

When it comes and you experience that strange moment, don't let it pass.  Have a self check and think of finding ways to bring that passion into action.  I'm not telling you to do it drastically and leave your day job.  You can do it gradually like when you have free time.  Anyway, it will not be an effort for you since that is your passion.   You will notice that you will just go with the flow.  All you will feel is the pleasure of doing it.

I have discovered that my passion is in motivating people through writing.  I just knew about it last month or a few weeks ago.  I tried blogging as a hobby since I felt like I was bored doing nothing.  While writing about these topics, I felt like I have found my niche.  I felt the energy surged in my body that I didn't feel tired, hungry, or anything.  I felt like there was music in the air that I couldn't stop, but continue what I was doing.  

You may experience the same thing when you start doing your passion.  

Don't be scared.  Try it as a hobby first, then you will find out what's next.  It depends on you if you follow what your instinct tells you.  I tell you this will be an exciting moment for you as you will know yourself better and that you can do more.

Remember, it takes a mind, heart, and body to bring out your passion.

Share your passion

Sharing your passion is your life purpose.  You are not here on earth just to live for yourself  or for your pleasure and to benefit from it.   You are a very valuable person who is capable of doing valuable things and changing the lives of other people.  Who knows maybe you are the only person capable of reaching out and touching someone's life.  You may ease their burden while sharing your passion with them.  It would not be me, your family, your friends, or anyone but you and you alone.  

Isn't it amazing that someone's life might be changed because of you sharing your passion with them?   Yes, that's really amazing.  You will feel your worth of living here and it will motivate you to do more. 

Knowing your passion and life purpose are the greatest things you can contribute to the world.  It may be very little, but it matters.  There's nothing unworthy if you do it from your heart.  It is what makes this world grow and become a better place to live.  If that is what's in the mind and heart of people, how great is our world to live.

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