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What's the Real Treasure Within You?

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We all know that there are treasures around us, that this world we live in is full of treasures.  However, most precious treasures, like jewels, are not easy to find their source.  You can't see them reproduce anywhere on the surface of the earth.  Jewels are being produced and are growing, but they are buried deep down, hidden, and locked away.  If you want the most precious of all, you go to the center or the very deep of the earth, and you may find them.  They could be at the center of the volcano or the center of the ocean.   

There are adventures attached to unlocking treasures, and they are no joke.  It comes with great determination to find them.  I now realize how hard the job is of the treasure hunters. 

It goes the same with human beings.  

Do you know that you yourself has a treasure within you?  God has put that seed and treasure within us so that his power will be shown through us, not for our glory, but for his.  In 2 Corinthians 4:7 says But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, so that the surpassing greatness of the power will be of God and not from ourselves.

The threefold of the human being

You are a tripartite being, meaning you are a spirit that has a soul and lives in a body.  You are not just your body.  You are not a soul with a body either.  The real you is your spirit.  In 1 Thessalonians 5:23 it says Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you entirely; and may your spirit and soul and body be preserved complete, without blame at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.    

Many people don't know this fact.  Some know that they are just their body with a soul.  So they thought that their treasure are just their body and soul.  That's why all they do is feed and nurture just their bodies and mind.  They wake up, eat, go to work, exercise, and sleep.  Still, they don't feel satisfied.  They are bored.  Then, for a change, they try to learn something new and master it.  They go places to see the wonders of the world.  But after experiencing all these, they still feel empty.  There's still something missing inside of them, like a big vacuum, but they don't know what exactly it is.  

There's nothing wrong with all of the things I mentioned above.  They are actually very essential to our growth, personal development, and success.  However, there's a very important part of our being that needs to be acknowledged and paid attention to.  It's just there inside of you waiting to be tapped.  If you're able to connect to it the right way, your mind and body will respond right and the result is you will live life to the fullest.   

This part of our being is our spirit, the real treasure within us. 

The threefold nature of man may be illustrated in different ways.  According to Bible.org, the outer circle stands for the body of man, the middle circle for the soul, and the inner for the spirit.  

At this point, it will be good to quote a portion from Dr. Larkin’s book:  In the outer circle, the body is shown as touching the material world through the five senses of sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch.

The gates to the soul are imagination, conscience, memory, reason, and the affections.

The spirit receives impressions of outward and material things through the soul. The spiritual faculties of the spirit are faith, hope, reverence, prayer, and worship.

Here's another definition according to jocsonhealth.com, through the Body, we experience the world around us. The Body is the vehicle in which the Soul and Spirit explore the physical realm. 

Through the Soul we link the experience of the world around us to our existence. We learn about ourselves through our likes and dislikes, what drives us, our passions, desires, etc. We learn about who we are and about the world inside of us. 

Through the Spirit we allow the experience of the world around us to reveal their secrets, their gifts, and who and what they really are. This is independent of our existence. We learn about the world outside of us.

The real treasure

What's inside of you that needs to be discovered (which is a treasure) is your spirit.  Since it is the innermost part of our being, most people haven't discovered and used it.  It is actually a man's source or channel for everything in this life since it is what connects to God.  It's only through our spirit that we can have fellowship and communion with God, not through our mind or soul.  

At the deepest level, our spirit gives us our purpose and meaning.  It gives us life satisfaction and contentment that no amount of money can buy and give us.  This treasure is available to all of us.  It's the seed that God has planted in us, and it's free.  All we need to do is cultivate it, so it grows, like a plant.  How awesome our God is!  

Our spirit directs and guides our path in this life.  It also teaches us how to love the unlovable, including our enemies, and God himself.  If we are sensitive to our spirit, it gives us the intuition between what is right and wrong.  It's like our antenna is highly on.  What our spirit gives us are all pure and good things.  This is what I call the real treasure within us.

This treasure is for your advantage

When we say treasure, it's really something very valuable that we can definitely benefit from it.  Have you heard of a treasure that values nothing?  Maybe not.  So almost everything you need in life will be provided by it.  

Our spirit, our real treasure, is a very essential part of our being that influences our emotional health which greatly affects our physical health.  If your spirit is filled with faith, hope, and love, it greatly affects your emotions, attitude, feelings, thinking, and reasoning.  Then it will affect positively how you respond to life's situations and challenges.  Your life will be stress-free and effortless because you are not depending on your own effort to face them, but God's.

It's just like power within you that you can attract positive things and energies toward your life.  This is where everything in life starts to manifest.  When I say everything, it is all and nothing exempted.   

In 3 John I:2 it says, Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers.

If you cultivate your spirit with faith, love, and hope, all problems (physical health, emotional health, finances, relationships, career, and anything) will be handled.  Nothing will be impossible in your life.   All you need to make sure is your spirit to stay connected to God as he is our source of everything.

Through your spirit, God will give us everything we need in life.  It may not be in physical form, like money and things, right away, but wisdom to discern and decide what's best for us.   Gradually, all material things we desire will follow and manifest.  Just make sure your motive and heart are right.

When you think you are burdened, tired, restless, discontented with your life, it may be that you're not able to discover the real treasure within you yet.  You may have tried many things that you have thought are solutions to your problems, but they haven't worked.  It's because they are not the real solutions.  You don't need any material things to fill in that emptiness inside of you because they can never ever be enough.  You are a spirit, and all you need is a spirit too, and that is God.

Now is the time to start something new.  Discover that treasure within you and you'll see great things happening and manifesting in your life, a life that is freer, with a purpose and meaning.

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